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Momentum: The 2015 Women's Leadership Conference

As I write this entry on the eve of International Women’s Day, it seems only fitting to reflect upon and celebrate the monumental morning that was the 2015 Women’s Leadership Conference “Momentum!” Through my years of involvement with this organization, the Women’s Leadership Conference remains my very favorite Belle event. What beats an empowering, motivational morning engaging in intellectual discussions and surrounding oneself with some of the strongest, brightest, inspiring young leaders around? With the events and speakers from last year’s conference still resonating within me, I was eager to see what Angela and her phenomenal committee had planned for this year’s conference. With my eagerness for the conference bubbling over, I was even more ecstatic to bring my sister and her best friend along this time! Of course they’ve heard my incessant bragging about Bruin Belles and all its glory time and time again, and I was overjoyed to share with them our organization’s goals and to encourage them to gain “momentum” in all aspects of their lives. Following the conference, the three of us had such deep, stimulating discussions which encouraged the girls to go beyond their comfort zones and challenge their own minds. It seemed that Eve’s presentation on self-image resonated with them the most, as teenaged girls often face struggles with maintaining a strong sense of self confidence and feeling comfortable in their skin. Even later in the day, I saw an immense change in the way they carried themselves and interacted with their peers. I feel that this is the perfect representation of the impact that strong female leaders around the world can have on those around them, and that’s what I love most about our organization.  I cannot wait to see the further, incredible actions that our own members take in the future to better our world and inspire our rising female leaders. Most of all, I cannot wait to see where this powerful “momentum” drives us from here.

Lexi Joyce
Distinguished Belle

Second Year Bruin Belle

Last week was one of my favorite Bruin Belles events of the year, Women's Leadership Conference. The conference is intended to inspire and empower women in all aspects of their life by featuring speeches from women leaders in our community. This year, we heard about the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses, body image and self esteem, verbally and physically abusive relationships, and the struggle of being a women in a male dominated field like engineering. Each speaker brought their own unique experiences to the table, and offered their advice on how to deal with situations like their own, situations that are common struggles for women today. In addition to listening to the speakers, those attending got to partake in thought provoking discussions about the struggles they have faced as a woman and how they overcame them. The conference as a whole made me feel proud to be a women, a UCLA student, and especially a Bruin Belle.

Katie Gilliland
Distinguished Belle
Second Year Bruin Belle


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