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Reflections from a Second Year Belle: Leah Selby

I constantly tell people that joining Bruin Belles freshman year was arguably the best decision I made that year.   I am a second year now and I still think it was my best idea.   I remember looking for a way to get involved and Belles jumped out at me at the Activities Fair.   What could be more perfect than a group of 90 quirky, beautiful, driven women all bonded together by their love of philanthropy (and sometimes delicious food)?   If you find something better, let me know.   It’s hard to pick a favorite Belle event from the past year because there are just too many.   The best part is that I get to bond with fellow Belles while doing philanthropy events. I just ran the We Run This City 5k with Belles, which is a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, as well as a competition between UCLA and USC.   I think that perfectly embodies Belles.   We love UCLA, philanthropy, and each other.   I can’t wait for the rest of this year of making amazing memories with the most