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(Sky) High on Belle Love

Jumping on giant trampolines is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a social activity for a college organization. You might think of going out to dinner or dessert, or maybe even going on a hike, but the chances that trampoline jumping is up there on the list of most common social events is pretty unlikely. Unless, of course, you’re part of Bruin Belles Service Association. While our socials do include the typical (and super fun!) dinner, dessert and hikes, we also have a Belle favorite social at Sky High Trampoline Park. It is basically a huge building with giant trampolines and foam pits inside. Pretty awesome, right? And this past Friday night, that’s where you would have found us. After the stress of exams, we got to let loose by having jumping contests on trampolines, inventing weird dance moves while jumping, and maybe even trying some flips and cool twists (although I was, unfortunately, incapable of such bodily movement). We laughed, definitely got

Garden Adventures at the Westside Children's Center

On November 15 th , a few of us went over to the Westside Children’s Center to help in their garden.   They are growing a garden to help the children learn about everything from flowers and vegetables to watering and bee pollination.   The WCC caters to children from about 3 months to 5 years old and allows each age group to spend time in the garden.   Even though you wouldn’t think that a 3 month old would reap any benefits from being in a garden, just being there hearing, seeing, and smelling is so important to his or her development.   After learning a bit about the center and the garden itself, we got to work pulling weeds, transplanting rosemary bushes, and mulching newly planted trees to keep the soil filled with nutrients.   I had never gardened before, but it was a valuable and unique experience where I learned about the immense work that goes into operating a garden and the incredible work the WCC does for the community as a whole. Olivia Siegels Distinguis

Meals on Wheels: A Classic Belles Experience

Spend time in Bruin Belles Service Association, and you will hear that Meals on Wheels is a “classic Belle event”. Let me tell you why. Since the very beginning, Meals on Wheels has held a special place in my heart. They have a great mission- assisting the elderly by delivering specialty meals that they cannot get themselves. They also have heart- Meals on Wheels is run by amazing people and dedicated volunteers. Since first volunteering fall quarter of my freshman year, I have made an effort to help out every quarter during time at UCLA. I am in awe of how the employees and volunteers work tirelessly for their community. It has been a blessing to meet and get to know the other people who volunteer their time. Many volunteers have driven the routes for years, and still continue to make time weekly to serve Meals on Wheels. I have worked alongside a woman over ninety years old, a retired electrician, and a musician (just to mention a few). Each has spoken into my life, giving me encoura

A Belle Favorite: The Veterans' Dance

As a Distinguished Belle in the Philanthropy office, I spent most of my time during the first few weeks of school talking with prospective Belles during the 2014 Fall Bruin Belles recruitment. The most common question from these possible future Belles was “What is your favorite Belles event?” Each time I was asked this question, the answer came effortlessly. My favorite event is the quarterly dance at the West Los Angeles Veterans’ Hospital. The hospital hosts a Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Spring dance. Belles are given the opportunity to attend the dance and interact with the veterans. This is my favorite event because (aside from absolutely loving to dance), I really enjoy spending time with the veterans and hearing their stories. I am so honored to be able to give my time to those who have given so much to our country. Seeing their smiles as we all dance along to everything from the Jackson 5 to Pitbull is a wonderful reminder of why I love Belles! I cannot wait to attend all t