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Community at UCLA

I remember when I joined BBSA my first year. It was the COVID year — the year where the entire year was spent online. I joined BBSA on a whim as I sought to get involved with something outside of my usual course-load, and BBSA seemed to be a nice fit for everything that I wanted. More than anything, I wanted a community, and although I knew all interactions would be virtual, I wanted to meet other women who shared the same empathetic lens from which I view community. I met amazing people my first year at BBSA, and although I was slightly intimidated by the many accomplished members and alumni that clearly held BBSA with high regard, I found a vessel from which to channel my desire to help as well as foster a sense of self within the UCLA community that I had yet to feel completely immersed in.

One of my favorite things about BBSA are the social activities that we have throughout the year that help to bond with other Belles and find those that you share common interests with. A memory that instantly pops into my head is our annual pumpkin patch trip! It is a Belle tradition (among many others) and a time to chat, catch up, and de-stress, among other things. Because above all else, Belles is a place to learn and grow, and do so in a safe and encouraging space. It is an organization that brings people together and hopefully, for anyone reading this and is not yet a part of Belles, comes to become a special part of your UCLA journey.

Izellah Sanchez


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The person I was when I stepped on campus 4 years ago is unrecognizable to me now. I came to college knowing that I wanted to be pre-med but having no friends or family following a similar path, I felt so lost in navigating my path on my own. I started college being terrified of failing. I was so naive and so desperate to succeed I was not taking care of myself. My second year was when I reached my lowest point. I was so depressed and lonely, I considered leaving  UCLA. I did not feel smart enough to be there, I didn’t feel likable enough because I didn’t really have friends. Joining Belles in my junior year was a big part of completely transforming my UCLA experience. Belles was the first time I felt completely embraced by a group of people. It was the first space in which I felt like everyone truly wanted the best for each other. The people and the opportunity to help others were exactly what my heart needed at that time in my life. Service is something that is so incredibly importan

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I remember going home most weekends when I started my first year at UCLA. I was overwhelmed and felt a little lost (as many freshmen do, even if nobody says so). On one of those weekends at home, I told my mom how I didn’t feel like I had a community that made UCLA feel like home. My parents are both UCLA alum, and she brought up her time in Bruin Belles. She was uncertain if the org was still around, but sure enough, we looked it up and found BBSA thriving. I immediately started going through the website and came across some Blog Posts, like the one you are reading now. After reading about the experiences of previous Belles, I decided to apply. It is crazy to think that I am now sitting here writing my testimony, hoping that it inspires you to join, too!  Bruin Belles has lived up to everything I hoped it would and more. This group is full of the most wonderful women I have ever met, and everybody is so supportive of one another. Everyone is incredibly genuine and just wants the best

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One year ago today, I was working on my application for Bruin Belles. As I think back to that time of my life, I remember the immense sense of uncertainty I felt. Would Belles like me as much as I liked them? I look back at this time of my life, a mere 365 days ago, and hardly recognize the person I was. Belles has been a large part of this personal journey.  When I applied to BBSA, I was just beginning my junior year at UCLA. My first year had been cut short because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and my second year of college was entirely online. Determined to make the most out of the later half of my undergraduate career, I applied to Belles. I was resolute on finding a community that made UCLA feel like home (as cliche as it sounds) while supporting my personal and academic growth. After attending my first Belles event, I knew I had found what I was looking for (and more).  As an organization, BBSA has given me invaluable opportunities to serve the Los Angeles community, allowed me to le